FUND SOCKS is the next generation of fundraising. We offer a cool and creative alternative for your fundraising initiatives. FUND SOCKS were designed in vibrant colours and patterns that appeal to everyone! Fundraising with socks is an easy way to reach a large audience and is a much healthier and useful alternative to other forms of fundraising. The Fund Socks program delivers exceptional value to everyone who buys them and yields the most proceeds back to your cause.


Fund Socks are available for $5 per pair, with the recommended resale of $10 per pair. This leaves you with the difference to be added to your fundraising initiative. Fund Socks are also available in a pre-set box of 10 designs for a price of $50 per box and resale price of $100. Fund Socks can fit a wide variety of shoe sizes due to the stretchy material of the socks. The adult socks (large sizes) fit size 7-12 and the youth/women’s socks (small sizes) fit size 3-8.


Jump into the next generation of fundraising! Use FUND SOCKS to inspire, encourage and excite your community to help with your cause. For more information about using FUND SOCKS in your next fundraising initiative, contact us today!

Phone: (416) 661-7779 ext. 325

Email: info@fundsocks.com